How amazing is my husband?

As Lily raced around post bath in a towel hooked over her head like a cape, I crouched down on the bridge and tried to get a shot of her in all her fabulousness. The camera, an older, bulky digital was not behaving and kept acting like a wanker, pausing after I pressed the button and making me loose the shot. “I hate this thing!” I swore at the accursed beast.

Mark burst.

A couple of days ago he let it slip that he got me something for our upcoming anniversary. We don’t usually do gifts, but he said with Mother’s Day the day after and the new baby on the way, he had an overwhelming urge to buy.

So, off he runs, into the main house and comes skipping back with this in hand:

tiny new camera!
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It’s tiny, fast, beautiful and KICKS ASS. It even takes videos. How cool is that? Now I just have to hope it takes good photos.

Oh, and here is the man. Bow down and worship the god-like brilliance that is my husband.

My beautiful husband
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