Two weeks

Today, Anya is two weeks old. Guess it’s about time she gets a bath, eh? Seriously, I haven’t bathed this kid yet. There’s something about that first bath, as though you are washing away the womb experience and starting her new in this world. I never want to do it. I want my babies to be able to smell their birth as long as possible. OK, so that makes it sound like she stinks, but she doesn’t. She just smells… new. Once you plunge them into their first bath and wipe them down with soap, they just seem so ordinary. Water has always been a huge symbol of transformation to me. She was birthed in water (and that was a BIG transition, people) and maybe I’m just not ready for her to enter this next phase. Maybe I’m crazy, but that’s how I feel about it. If she wasn’t getting a huge build up of fuzz between her toes I’d say lets forget the whole thing and see if we could get away with another week or two!

Pretty girl in the tub