Something awful and ironic just happened

We were watching Chicken Run when I realized I haven’t had anything to eat yet this morning. So I made… er, eggs. Good source of protein gets me going, etc. I didn’t really think about the fact that I was going to be eating fried eggs while watching chickens fight for their life.

So one of the eggs had something wrong with it. I’m not going to say what, mostly because I don’t really know and don’t really want to know. I just know that when I put a bit of yoke in my mouth, it was just wrong. I lost my breakfast rather quickly while Lily watched me as I stood hunched over the sink and kept asking, “Is OK?” I doubt I’ll be eating fried eggs anytime soon.

In other news, my dog has become agoraphobic. She won’t go outside unless you physically push her out the door and then she’ll sit by there huddled pathetically. We think the coyotes are freaking her out. Last night as Mark left for his gig he noticed the coyotes on the little hill above our parking lot, hunting up some wabbits. They seemed completely unconcerned with his presence. Not a good thing to have happening with wild animals. They should fear humans; after all, we are evil. Just ask any children’s film maker, they will point it out to you in vivid detail. Chicken Run is an obvious example and hey, I have an awful and ironic story about that film. Have you heard it?

Now I just have to figure out how to make the rest of the day so exciting.