Lily has a chore. She feeds the dog, all by “myself.” The following are the steps required for her to accomplish this task:

1. open up the cupboard

2. release the latch of the dog food bin

3. get Maya’s bowl

4. produce two scoops (plus one or two extra pieces, her own special touch I guess)

5. close the lid and latch it

6. close up the cupboard

7. give Maya her bowl and while pointing at it say, “OK.”

Feeding the Dog Feeding the Dog 2

She’ll be two on Wednesday and we already have her trained in one domestic duty. I can see how this can only get better.

We’ve got a whole slew of new photos over at our Flickr account. The following is from her interpretive dance we’ll call, “Flight of the Parrot, who eventually decides that drawing on post-it’s is just more fun.”

2. and so took to dancing 3. me thinks she may be able to fly

5. more groovey moves 7. Big finish: drawing on Post-It's

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