Did you know...

Did you know that the average toddler makes approximately 300 trips to the refrigerator every day?

Did you know that a newborn sleeps on average 16-20 hours a day, but all of that awake time must occur when your other child needs the full extent of your attention?

Did you know that despite having a closet FULL of clothing, the average toddler must wear the same dress day in and day out and will shriek in pain if it is dirty or otherwise unavailable?

Did you know that even if there are five other blankets on the bed, said toddler cannot go to sleep without the one that is missing?

Did you know that newborn acne is totally normal but still freakishly worrisome to have to look at and think, “nothing to see here.”

Did you know that a dog that needs to pee will scratch at the door in desperation but then won’t actually go out when you open the damn door?

Did you know that if said dog does go out, she will demand re-entry the second you have successfully latched on the newborn and got everything settled?

Did you know that newborns delight in latching on, getting the milk flowing and then popping off to fall asleep while your milk squirts all over the place like a freaking fountain?

Did you know that a toddler can master the art of getting onto the potty, wiping with toilet paper, getting off the potty and flushing without ever actually peeing or pooping in the toilet?

Did you know that within 30 minutes of the house cleaning becoming complete, the average toddler can make it look as though you haven’t cleaned in years?

Did you know we (which is mostly me) can eat a dozen home made cookies in two days?

What have your children taught you today?

edited to add:

Right after I posted this my toddler taught me something else…

Did you know that the warmth and weight of your two-year-old in your lap as she twiddles your ear and sucks her thumb is the perfect counter to a stressful day?

Did you know that the scent of said two-year-olds head, her curls moist from the heat of the day, is better than any perfume you could ever buy?

Did you know that a toddler’s infinite curiosity can be annoying but can also provide endless hours of entertainment?

Did you know that out of 61 women in my online due date club, three lost their babies (one at 37 weeks, one at 42 weeks and one when he was only six days old)?

Did you know that I am one of the luckiest people in the world and if you want to know why, I’d only need to give you two reasons?