The A, B, C’s of My Favorite Things


Today my beautiful daughter is two and I wanted to do something to remember who she is at this moment in her life. So I created an A, B, C Favorite’s meme and filled it in with “all about Lily” info. Aren’t I adorable? NO, LILY IS! GET IT RIGHT, PEOPLE!

Favorite Arts and Crafts: Finger painting… except for when the paint gets on her fingers. Then she’ll whine until someone cleans her off. She also enjoys gluing sticks and pasta to paper as well as the old standby of drawing.

Favorite Book: Green Eggs & Ham. She’ll turn the pages and say, “No goat, no boat, no no no.”

Favorite Color: Blue, unless we’re talking clothes, in which case, it’s got to be pink.

Favorite Drink: juice; any kind will do as long as it’s sweet. We water it down big time, but its juice none-the-less.

Favorite Way to Eat Eggs: Lily is a scrambled girl but will steal my over-mediums any day.

Favorite Food: yogurt, cheese (this from the kid who made me give up dairy while I was nursing her because of an intolerance), eggs, cookies (what we call graham crackers), rice, burritos, fish tacos, beans, carrots, frozen peas and corn, ice cubes, granola with rice milk.

Favorite Game: Earthquake: she has a little tunnel thing and she’ll climb inside and roll around saying, “whoa! Whoa!” while you shake it and say, “oh no! Oh no!”

Favorite Holiday: She was enchanted with Christmas at Grandma’s last year.

Favorite Illegal Activity: Turns out that she likes Beer. ‘Nuff said.

Favorite Flavor of Jam: if it’s sweet, she’ll eat itm but she does seem to prefer Strawberry flavored stuff.

Favorite Thing to do in the Kitchen: She can entertain herself for an hour by playing in the sink. We just turn on a small stream and give her a cup or whatever and she can make the biggest happiest mess you can imagine. AND when she’s done, she’ll even turn off the water, thank you very much.

Favorite Fashion Look: Lily is a fan of dressy dresses, layered atop overalls. In fact, her chosen look of the moment is a nice blue swim top with a pair of my pretty Asian inspired slippers… and nothing else.

Favorite Movies: Chicken Run, Brother Bear, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, Jungle Book.

Favorite Number: So far she can count to two and it is my theory that “two” is such a delightful number she just sees no need to continue.

Favorite Object of Affection: her baby doll, creatively named “Baby” an old fashioned Kewpie Doll that was a gift from my grandmother. Runner up: Piggy the Pig, Buddy the Elephant or Blue the Blanket.

Favorite Part of the Body: She is endlessly fascinated by her belly button.

Favorite Quiet Activity: Snuggling with Daddy on the couch while she sucks her thumb and twiddles her ear.

Favorite Reason to go to the Park: “I swing!”

Favorite Song: the one that goes, “la la la, yay! [Claps hands] Me me me, yay! [Claps hands] Ra ra ra, yay! [Claps hands].” Also a big fan of the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Favorite Time of Day: Lil’s at her best between nap and bedtime. She’s well rested, in good spirits, cuddly and having a blast playing with everything she can get her hands on. Even better if a bath or dip in the kiddy pool is involved.

Favorite Utensil: She’s always loved her fork; after all, in addition to their traditional use, forks are excellent tools for grooming a 60 pound lab. But she still pronounces knife “nice,” so she may be trying to tell me something.

Favorite Vehicle: any type of bus. She’ll see one as we drive along and with a huge grin will say, “a bus! A bus! A bus!” over and over again. As we tried to exit a driveway, a bus pulled over to a stop, blocking our way out. Her response? “A bus, yay!”

Favorite Word: “Myself!” “Yay!” is also heard a lot in our house. So is: baby, jump!, Daddy?, no, Ma-Moe (Nemo), fish, chicken, and (more than you would think) please.

Favorite Xtreme sport: ridding a cart down the driveway… yep, there’s a story here. I’ll tell it some time.

Favorite Yoga Position: Downward Dog

Favorite Zoo Animal: Flamingos, Elephants, Monkeys and Giraffes.

Happy Birthday, Little Girl. Your daddy and I love you more than you could ever imagine.

Lily, about three months old