Faux Disneyland

Since we’re planning a birthday shindig for Lily over the Fourth of July weekend, we didn’t do much for the big event yesterday. Anya has a pretty icky cold complete with lovely colored snot coming out of her face, so we tried to take it easy. Went to lunch with a friend after a stop at the Chiropractors and then came home to chill for a bit. When Mark got home we made a trip out to the grocery store as we were out of a few key items and I needed a few things for Lily’s cake (because I felt as though I’d be a bad mama if I didn’t make her a cake on her actual birthday). First we ran by Target where we picked her up a hairbrush as she’s been consistently stealing ours to obsessively brush her hair. Now that she actually has some hair, we figured a brush would be a good investment and it made her deliriously happy. We also picked her up a few films: Mary Poppins, Aladdin and Mulan.

Then on to the store. Now we don’t shop at conventional grocery stores that often. We’re kinda health food store people and since we have one not far from us that we adore, we don’t step foot into an Albertsons or the like very often. But, some of the things we needed were more conventional items and since the Albertson is closer and we were rapidly approaching bedtime, we went for it. Turns out we could have told Lily we were bringing her to an amusement park for her birthday and she would have swallowed it, hook, line and sinker that THIS was Disneyland. Bright lights, music, lots of insane color and this fancy ride:

Turning shopping into a game

She loved this silly thing and “drove” us all over the store; barefoot, might I add. I don’t know what it was about this cart, but the second she got in, the shoes had to come off.

As for the cake…

I’m no perfect mom. That silly cake didn’t get into the oven until about an hour after the Birthday Girl went to bed. However, she very much enjoyed her cake today. I made cupcakes using ice cream cones as the cups and this thrilled her to no end; although she had no interest in eating the cone. Fine by me, kido; it’s your birthday (or, er… day after your birthday). Here’s her enjoying one of those bad boys:

Ice cream cake

Overall a splendid, low key day. OH, and I got an amazing gift, but I’ll have to blog about that tomorrow when I have some photos. You’ll just all have to hold your breath until then.