The sling of all slings

Coffeegirl and Daphne_Blue got together and sent me an amazing baby gift. OK, technically they sent Anya an amazing gift as it was addressed to her, but since she doesn’t blog (yet), I’m the one who gets to tell you all about it, as promised.

Many of you know that Daph has her own little shop making pouch slings called Planet Zebes. Coffeegirl found some beautiful fabric and Daphne put it to use by making me one of these beauty’s as well as a diaper pad and zippered wet bag. They will make you weep over their beauty. Don’t believe me? Just you scroll down, sista.

Sling in use with Anya:

Planet Zebes Sling

Zippered Wetbag:

Zippered Wetbag

Diaper Pad:

Diaper pad

Detail of the fabric:

detail on sling fabric

Not only are these things freaking gorgeous, but they’re useful too. Just yesterday I was able to nurse Anya (4-weeks-old tomorrow!) while still having two hands available to get Lily into bed for her nap. I felt like a super mom! I’ve never had such beauty and functionality in my life, EVAR. Thanks, ladies. I love you.

Click on any of the photos to see some more shots, including Lily in the sling and Mark using it as well!