Cloth Diapers and a chocolate feeding frenzy

Switched Anya over to cloth diapers now that she is meconium free. It’s pretty sad how excited I can get over what my child craps in. Her first non-sposie dipe was a Kissaluv size 0. So soft and sweet and fluffy fluff for her butt! Made me happy. Here, look!

Kissaluv fitted, size 0

I slapped a fuzzy "Toot Sweet" wool cover on it. SEE:

Wool cover

Her second dipe was a Righteous Baby, which are the cutest freaking diapers you have ever seen. Also a little pricy… I own like, two. BUT they are DAMN cute. Just look, ‘cause I know you wanna:

Righteous Baby Diaper

Is that enough cute baby butt to drive you insane for one day? You even get a look at some nice necrotic flesh... ummm, dried up umbilical cord. It's so ready to fall off.

And yes, I know I’m nuts, so you don’t have to tell me.

Speaking of nuts, in snack related news take a lookie here:


This little snack mix includes raisins, peanuts, dried pineapple, peanut butter chips, m&m’s and reeses pieces. Although what you see here in the genre of brightly colored bits: about 95% reeses pieces. Why did they skimp on the m&m’s you might ask? Oh, they did not. I ATE THEM. I sat here and picked out all the chocolate I could find. I see that I let a few escape just looking at the photo. Hmm… clearly I have work to do.

NOTHING TO SEE HERE. Must get back to, um... something terribly important. Carry on.