The terror and power of the shaman bunny

Mark’s not working today and so he got up early with Lily and let Anya and me sleep in. I awoke to a sound like a pack of coyotes killing a dog. Since we have a pack of coyotes in our canyon who have been keeping an eye on our dog, I was reasonably alarmed. I slowly set Anya down on the bed and waited. Before long, I heard Mark’s footfalls on the stairs and he busted into our bedroom.

“I need you to get up.” He told me.

“Maya?” I asked.

“Yep. I think she broke her leg.”


“Oh, no. She fell off the porch trying to chase a bunny.”


“Yeah, that’s what all that noise was about.”

“I thought the coyotes got her!”

“No. Just a, errr… bunny.”

Apparently the porch was very wet this morning with dew and Maya noticed a bunny across the driveway. They faced off, staring each other down in the stillness of the morning air. Maya’s muscles bundled and, fully committed to the attack she sprang from the porch with deadly intent. At that moment, the shaman bunny reared up on hind legs, reached into the satchel tied around his little bunny waist, threw a paw full of potent powder while hollering out the most deadly bunny spell he knew*. Maya crumpled to the ground, writhing in pain and even pooped herself, she was in such agony. That’s one powerful shaman bunny, if you ask me.

Mark had to carry her back into the house and then came to get me. We ran back upstairs together (careful not to trip on the wet stairs, might I add) and when we got to her, she was lying in a pathetic heap near the couch. Mark started working the leg to see how bad it was and luckily, it’s just a strain. She’s up and around on it now, although favoring it heavily.

The shaman bunny is nowhere to been seen.

*OK, so Mark didn’t actually see the bunny do this bit, but I’m convinced it happened.