Two, Two, Two Dogs in[stead of] one!

So we’re talking about getting another dog. Sancho doesn’t come around anymore and our lab is getting fat again without a canine playmate. We’re not talking about getting just any random, hypothetical dog; nope. Her name is Rudy and she’s a white lab who’s about two or three years old. She currently lives with some people that Mark does work for but it seems that the only person really into her is the dad and he’s away on business all the time. Every time Mark shows up to install the latest “must have” Rudy is at his feet, ball in mouth, just begging for some lovin’. There’s been talk that she would do well in a home where she could get more attention and so my dear husband has been hinting. Does he realize this will even further skew the male to female ratio in our home? Does he realize that now when we travel, we’d have two kids and two dogs to wrangle? I never even had one dog before Maya, much less two at the same time. Is it possible to do such a thing without the world becoming all fuzzy and dirty? Two wallowing piggies tracking mud into the house: does Lily have that much boss in her?

Who has more than one and can tell me if we’d be insane to take this on? Come on, my internet lovely’s, I need your input!