Name change, part II

So HippieChick isn’t really working for me, although I do get as much of a giggle out of writing HippieSkippy as some of you have admitted to getting upon reading it. But the reality is that we are not really hippies. I don’t wear all organic cotton flowey skirts with tie-dye tops. I don’t grow my own hemp or smoke it. Heck, I don’t even really drink. I don’t believe that all we need is love, although I’m very happy to see it get used on a regular basis. I don’t drive an ultra gas conservative hybrid car or a 1970’s VW van with flowers painted on it. I never use the word groovy. Yes, I have a minor in Women’s Studies, but I also graduated on the deans list. I’m not at all what one would call anti-establishment. We cloth diaper our girls but we’re not self righteous about it and don’t believe that choice will save the world. We co-sleep, but the fact that it’s actually beneficial to our child runs a close second to the fact that I am LAZY and want to get as much sleep as possible. By now you’re getting the point, I’m sure. The name just didn’t sit.

That and I got over my paranoia.

So, as much fun as it is to refer to my husband as Skippy, he gets to be Mark again. I’m going to go with a nick name that has followed me for years and go by Ginger. Not anything like Ginger from Gilligan’s Island so NOBODY go there. And the site name will be changing soon too. “One Happy Family” is a little too cute for my taste… and I fear it will invoke the wrath of the domestic tranquility gods. Don’t yet know what I’ll go with, but it’ll be happening soon.

And crap, now I have to go and change everything again!