Lily's List of Firsts

You know those moms who can tell you the exact day, time and second their child first said a word or took a step or pooped in something other than a diaper? They can do this 50 years AFTER it happened and remember it so vividly that they can tell you how hot it was outside, what day of the week it was and what they had for dinner that night.


I cannot remember what happened yesterday. This is why I blog. So I can LOOK IT UP.

So anyway, now that I have this other kid I'm starting to wonder when I should expect stuff, you know, more or less. I spent an hour or so this afternoon while the kido's were sacked out, just about dead because of the heat, and looked it all up. Here's what I got (most include links to delightful little posts about said event -- hint, some of them have multiple links, so click on all the words if you're looking to waste LOTS of time):

Lily's List of Firsts:

Smiled: Right from the get go, responsively from about 2 weeks

Rolled Tummy to Back: 4 weeks

Slept through the night: A one off through the night at 8 weeks; made it a regular event around one year.

Laughed: 14 weeks – at Daddy

Rolled Back to Tummy: 3 1/2 months

Sat up Alone: 4 1/2 months

Crawled: 7 months

Ate Solid Food: 7 months

First Tooth: 8 months – she got her first on Feb 21st followed by the second on Feb 28th (Daddy’s Birthday)

Stood: 9 months

First Step: 10 months -- not to me or Mark but to our good friend Nate (who she is still in love with)

Spoke word: 10 months with “Dada, Mama, yeah”

Bathed in Tub: With mom at 3 weeks; by herself having fun around a year (has never liked getting her head wet).

Dressed herself: Has been very independent since about 18 months

Potty time: 2 years – spent all of July 4th running back and forth to the potty. Pooped in there on July 25th

No more diaper during the day: about 28.5 months

No more diapers at night: also around 28.5 months

Haircut: One month before she turned three

Wrote Name: