Who is this kid?

Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE shopping. If I could get away with wearing the same damn thing everyday, I’d do it. But alas, I am not as brilliant as Einstein so rather than seeming eccentric, I’d just seem lazy.

So imagine my surprise when, as we tooled around the local mall with Mark’s mom and sister, Lil goes racing into a kids store, heads right for a shoe display and at the top of her lungs cries out with joy, “SHOES!”

Then she hugged a couple of pairs.

All I could think was, “What have I done?” I kept repeating that question as she then flitted from display to display, happily hugging “PANTS!” “SHIRT!” and OMG, “DRESS!!!!” I finally just went with it and raced around with her saying, “Look at this beautiful sweater/sock/gum wrapper/etc!” She was just so happy. Ah well. What are you going to do really?

I just hope Anya is more like me in that respect. I don’t think we can afford raising two shop-a-holics.