Money musing

Being an active part of our children’s lives is really important to us and we’re happy to cut corners to make it a reality. We feel it’s important for us to have one parent at home with the kids and don’t want to have to put our kids in daycare. I understand that for some families daycare is the only option, but we’re willing to do just about anything to avoid that scenario. That’s why when I went back to work last year, Mark stayed home and picked up gigs when he could.

But imagine if you could both be at home with your kids while making a decent income?

We have a business opportunity that is scaring the crap out of me. If it works out even minimally, Mark and I could both be stay at home parents and work for pleasure rather than for food. If it works out the way it’s projected to, we could do the remodel, buy the yurts, send the girls to good schools (or really live up the homeschooling) and get the minivan without much trouble at all. But if it doesn’t work out, we’re out a substantial chunk of change. Mark wants to go ahead with it and so far, his ventures haven’t sent us to the poor house. In fact, his last one was the reason we were able to buy this home on all this land. I’m inclined to go for it so we don’t have to sit around thinking what if. But man is it scary to hand over that much money.

Keep your good intent focused for us over the next couple of months as we see how this pans out. I’ll be in the corner, rocking just a little.