Big Fat Three Ohhhhhhhh!

My birthday is coming up. It’s a bigie. What should we do? Our house is still a disaster area because of our deck being all torn up and the various projects in random states of done-ness. So, I’m not really hip to the idea of having a bunch of people over. However, whatever we do has to be at least baby friendly as I’m not really ready to leave Anya with anyone yet. I can probably ditch Lily (what a good mom, she speaks of “ditching” her child) but don’t feel as though I need to in order to have fun. Not a big drinker, so no keggers for me. Hmmm… old standby of going out to dinner? Seems so blasé for a rather significant birthday.


Help me, internet. Tell me what fun you would have with two small children on a big birthday.

And why do I always end up planning this stuff?

P.S. Pretty!

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