That’s right, folks: we’re going to DISNEYLAND!

After Zebrabelly’s excellent suggestion of spending my 30th running through happyland, we took ourselves over to the good ol’ AAA and booked us a fabulous vacation package. We’ll be spending two nights and two days gallivanting around the happiest place on earth with a toddler and an infant. Wooo! Seriously though, we’re going to have a blast and can’t wait. I think my mom is going to come up too, which will make the whole toddler-infant factor that much easier. Mark and I may even be able to whoosh around on a big coaster together.

But you know what I’m really looking forward to? I’m really excited to see Disneyland through Lily’s eyes. What will Toon Town look like to her? Will the big costume characters freak her out or make her giggle? Will she traipse down Main Street with a smile on her face or clutch my hand and wonder what the heck is going on? And most importantly, will she try to make Mark buy her everything? Oh, and even the greater question… will he give in to her big brown eyes and her curly top?

So, if you need to find me on September 6-8, I’ll be wondering the streets of Disneyland with an infant strapped to my chest, toddler at hand and husband at my side.

Anyone wanna come?