I’m brilliant (actually, it's just that I can read)

You’ve all heard my lament of the One Bite Diet and how my toddler can drive me insane by demanding food every five minutes, only to eat one bite of it and be “all done.” So I finally decided to just go with it and I created for her an entire tray of bites using an ice cube tray. You may think I’m brilliant for coming up with this, but the truth is I didn’t. It’s one of those ideas you read about in just about every book that touches of toddler nutrition. The only brilliance I can claim is that I finally put it into practice and well, considering how long it’s taken me to get here, I don’t think brilliant really would be the proper term.

One Bite

ANYWAY, she was thrilled. “Ah! Rapes [grapes]! Look, O’s! Mama, cheese! Ummm, hot dog! YAY, Na [banana]!” and so it went as she pointed to each item. Those she didn’t know the name for got a, “Oh! THIS!” and at the end, she clapped while hollering “YAY!” and then she ate excitedly. Right now she’s off in the kitchen after stating, “I want a fork!” She’s started using the “I want…” phrase to excess. It’s really her first reliable sentence, so we’re all gushing with pride that it’s a phrase of desire. That’s my little consumer.

checking out the goods

Now… we just have to see how long this little scheme goes before it looses its charm.