Dirty pleasure

Do you want to know what I’ve just been doing? I’ve been making some very hard decisions. I’ve been weighing the options, listening to my gut and going back and forth, not sure which way to go. Do you want to know what these decisions are about? Only keep reading if you are willing to lose all faith in me being a “true” hippie.

Ready for this?

I have just spent the last hour with paper, pencil and internet trying to figure out what television shows I will devote my time to this fall. I made a chart, people. I agonized over conflicting show times. I mean, seriously: how does one chose between the hunky David Boreanaz and his new uber geeky show about forensic science Bones, the wit and witticism of our silly Gilmore Girls and the fabulous uniforms in NCIS with the stoical and still sexy Mark Harmon? They are all on at the same freaking time! We don’t have TiVo, people! What the hell am I supposed to do? Thank goddess the only thing on after this eight pm pileup worth watching is House with the sardonic yet delightful Hugh Laurie (yummy in his own right).

Some days are easy: it’s all crap. Other days throw me annoying glitches with clever little discrepancies like showing Criminal Minds as a nine pm Wednesday show and then listing it on the premiere page as occurring at ten pm on a Thursday. Damn you, TV Guide and your evil inequities! Making me do more research when it's a new show that may suck anyway. Pft!

This is simply too much for me. I need a nap. Maybe I should just stare at my sleeping children or read a good book instead.