Blitzkrieg deck

Back from a weekend at my moms while Mark and friends worked on putting a deck back onto our house. It’s been missing for a little over a year and the plan was to have it all laid out by Sunday with just the railings and stair platform to complete this week. We had a rough weekend at moms, with the girls acting like insane little freaks about sleep and no downtime for me. My mom was incredibly helpful, but she had a busy weekend of her own and I didn’t want to overstay my welcome by asking for too much help. I had forgotten how noisy that place is: the floors creek, the laundry room door whines, the door handles make rattling noises, the cabinets slam, the dishes attempt to jump out and clatter all over the place… it’s not so great when you are trying desperately to get kids to SLEEP. So yeah, tired. Meh.

When I got home I discovered what I feared would be the result of the weekend deck blitzkrieg: the deck was not nearly as done as it was supposed to be. Only about a third of the boards were laid and the step from the living room was ½ wood, ½ “look out for the abyss!” I magically refrained from sulking and just told Mark how wonderful he was for all he had done (he is, really). He's trying to get it done this week, but for now I get to be paranoid about Lily falling off the edge (no railing yet) and will have to hike out and around our house in order to reach my bedroom each night while carrying Anya since the stairs require a big leap and are not attached to anything. I am, hopefully, making huge spouse points today as I have scheduled a trip to the chiro followed by dinner with friends, one of whom happens to be a massage therapist and will give him a massage after dinner. The boy is hurting and I figure if I can make him feel good physically, he'll be more likely to finish the job in a timely manner. I say this as he lay sleeping on the floor of Lily's room while she strips herself naked in the crib and throws a wet diaper at him, then hollers for me to come take her to the toilet so she can pee. I just got her back down and told her if she couldn’t be still and quiet I'd have to come back in her room and take Daddy away. He snoozed through the whole thing.

I have a ton of silly photos to share but am just not up to it yet. I am scattered and tired and just ready to vegetate, but it aint gonna happen, girlfriend. Back later when I am a wee bit more coherent.