You learn so much about yourself by how your kids speak. Apparently, I am prone to telling Lily, firmly, loudly and often with a clipped tone, to do something RIGHT. NOW.

“Mommy, I want to go to the park. RIGHT. NOW.”

“I’m hungry RIGHT. NOW.”

“I am going pee RIGHT. NOW.”

This last one is often directed at me from the floor while she plays with her books and is clearly not peeing right now. She uses it to try to get out of a chore, like feeding the dog. My mom will be so thrilled when I tell her this because when I was a teen, I had an amazing knack for having to pee anytime something needed to be done. She swears I did it on purpose. I think my body just knew how to creatively time an urgent need to pee, because every single time I said I had to go pee, I actually DID have to go pee. I SWEAR! Mom will see this as an early reward. Who knew this kid of mine would pick up that little trick at such a young age? Clearly she’s gifted.

Oh well. At least I’m about to drop her and the tiny one off at my moms for the evening while Mark and I celebrate the 20 hours he’s home by taking in a movie and throwing popcorn at each other in the parking lot. RIGHT. NOW.