Self Portrait Tuesday - Personal History #3

My Great-Great-Grandpa Wilbur 1909

My Great-Great-Grandpa Wilbur 1909

I cannot help but laugh every time I see this face; he looks like the ultimate old fart. But he is kin and that means that the blood in that man’s veins also runs through mine.

I don’t ever want to make a face like that. Unless it’s for laughs; then it might be alright.

In any event, every time I find myself getting too serious, all I have to do is look at that face and I remember that whatever it is, it just doesn’t matter. So the girls are shoving sand down their pants while painting themselves with mud and running around in circles. Who cares? That’s what bath tubs are for anyway.

And if anyone says we look alike, I’m gonna have to hurt ya. Just a little.

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