Self Portrait Tuesday - Personal History

Elaine 5 years old

This is Mark’s favorite photo of me as a child. He does not love it for my chubby cheeks or my adorable little outfit or even the smile gracing my lips. He loves it for the barrette so bravely losing the battle with my hair. Do you see it? Pink and plastic and oh so ridiculous. My hair was a force to be reckoned with as I grew and refused to be tamed.

This is my favorite photo of me as a child. I do not love it for the glint in my eye or the tilt of my head or even the way my collar ruffles complement the blue ruffles below. I love it for the memory of running down the street barefoot and eating ice cream made in an old fashioned wooden hand cranked tub with ice cubes and rock salt. I love it because it makes me excited about when my children will be that age and smile just like that and loose battles with hair clips.

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