Kiss and Smack

Kiss: take out the trash

Smack: don’t reline the can with a new bag

Kiss: take down the holiday lights

Smack: except for one strand, left hanging down the wall… going on a week

Kiss: clean up the kitchen

Smack: leave at least one dirty dish sitting in the middle of the counter top

Kiss: put Lily to bed

Smack: forget to brush her teeth

Kiss: install a new shower head

Smack: fail to attach the ring plate… for two years

Kiss: change the baby into a night time diaper

Smack: but forget to put a cover over the cloth diaper

Kiss: Play with Lily and Anya on the deck

Smack: forget to put the gate up at the top of the stairs and allow Anya to crawl dangerously close

Kiss: tell me you love that I’m not into shopping and spending

Smack: make fun of my hand-me-down nursing nightgown

Kiss: tell me you love me

Kiss: tell me you would be lost without me

Kiss: tell me I’m an amazing mom

Kiss: catch your breath and kiss kiss kiss me...