52 Figments

I’ve been having a lot of frustration lately. I’m starting to think this is because I don’t have much of a creative outlet like I did when I was working full time in theatre. So, for 2006 I am going to attempt to share in some of the amazing online options for creativity that are out there. I’ve never considered myself an artist but I figure the best way to be one is to act like one. Not that I aspire to one day call myself an “Artist”. I just want to live a life with more art in it. Some of the things I am going to do for myself:

Postcard swap through My Topography

Poetry Monday

Self Portrait Tuesday

Illustration Friday


52 Figments

You may have already noticed my recent self portrait additions or my Haiku this last Monday and I’m hoping to give you a taste of one of my postcards for this Friday’s Illustration. Below is my first of the 52 Figments, which asked the question, “What is your theme for 2006?” Do I know what this response means? Goddess no! This is just what showed up on the paper. So much for New Year’s resolutions to loose weight.

52 Figments (Week 1