Lily’s been having some sleep issues these days. She’s night waking and then making the trek down to our room for comfort. Mark’s been getting really good at hearing her wake and will simply go up to her, cuddling her into her narrow bed and sleeping with her there so she doesn’t wake me or the baby. She’ll ask as I tuck her in to “sleep a me!”

“I can’t, baby. I really wish I could but I need to nurse Anya at night.”

“Daddy sleep a me?”

“I can ask him. Maybe he’ll come in after you’re asleep.”

“Yeah, ask him, Mommy.”

Then we talk about her day and give kisses and hugs. As I head out of her room she stops me, “Mommy!”

“Yeah, boo?”


“OK!” I giggle and head out of there.

This morning I awoke to find Mark gone. He’s getting really good at this. I heard them stirring and listened to the sounds of ½ my family waking upstairs through the monitor. Dragging my own ass outta bed I left Anya sleeping and stumbled into the bathroom. When I got upstairs Mark asked me if I heard what Lily had said this morning. I hadn’t. For Christmas, I had purchased Mark a couple new pairs of underwear. Yes, our marriage is that hot. Anyway, he was wearing the new blue pair and as Lily got herself up and declared all should wake she threw back the covers of her bed to get Mark going.

“Oh! Niiiice runners!”

And there it is, folks. My kid has complemented her father on his underwear. We can all die happy now.