A drive-in virgin no more

NO, it’s not what you think.

I’ve never been to a drive-in movie and tonight all that was changed. A friend at playgroup mentioned that she and her family would be attending the 6:30 showing of The Chronicles of Narnia tonight and did anyone want to join them. Lily’s only been to one movie in her life and that didn’t go so well. Anya doesn’t like loud noises, so I’ve never even tried to bring her. BUT with Lily being able to talk all she wants in the car and with us having control of the volume, we figured what the heck.

It was freaking AWESOME. Both girls were asleep when got there and Mark and I climbed into the way back of the van with a chicken dinner to share and munched for the first 15 minutes with only each other to giggle at. Then Lil woke up and we all bundled up in the back of our van, piled under blankets. About 30 minutes after that, Anya awoke and I nursed her there with the moon peaking in the window to my right and my toddler and husband to my left. Lily was enthralled. This did not keep her from talking incessantly, but her chatter was purposeful, asking questions or pointing out that the lion was on the screen again and my GOD he still had a tail. We covered her eyes and tickled her during the scary parts and made eyes at each other over her curly head as she gasped in wonder and clapped in glee… and that was just when she discovered we had brought food. Seriously though, it was a magical experience and I totally fell in love with the whole thing. AND we saw an actual movie BEFORE it came out on DVD. How’s that for brilliant!

I told Mark we were doing this every week. It was almost better than… well, you know.