crafty ghosts

Holidays have kind of lost their magic for me over the years but I always knew that once I had kids I’d find it again. Then I had Lily and she was tiny and lumpy and didn’t do much. The magic? Not so much. BUT NOW! Now that she’s getting bigger and starting to get the anticipation and excitement, I’m starting to enjoy holidays again. Today we made salt dough pumpkins (me) and free form blobs (her) and ghosts (us) and then painted them while Anya ran around in circles demanding “UP” and fussing.

On a sad note, the pumpkin we carved got all shriveled and weird and started looking like a little old man pumpkin and before I could photograph it for you all, Mark threw it in the canyon. BUT we’re going pumpkin picking on Friday and will try not to destroy that one immediately. Finger crossed.

As always more, pictures available at Flickr.