Can't have more fun than this

Anya is asleep on my lap so I have a few minutes to update. Yesterday we took a boat out to a secluded beach and spent the whole of the day running around the dune, playing in the sand and floating lazily in the warm clear water. Lily was out of sorts and complained a lot, but she was tired and out of her element, so I couldn't be too annoyed. On the way out there we pulled up close to a tuna farm and one of the guys working the area offered to let us borrow masks so we could jump into the large nets and get an up close look. We declined, but Milton tells us we may have to go back as it's pretty amazing to swim around with such a large school, even if they are confined.

Three cameras took so many pictures I had a hard time narrowing down what to put up at Flickr. But if you pop on over you can see the added photos in the set. Just click on the image below for the whole shebang.

checking out the fish