Goodbye Daphne Blue

On Sunday Mark and I packed up the girls and made the 90 minute drive to go see Christa and Bryan before they move across the country to their new home. We haven’t seen them in about a year and the second I heard they were moving away, I felt like the worst friend in the world, desperate to hold on to her and the tentative friendship we built, guilty that her latest child was crawling and I had never even seen her. So we went, walked around their half empty home, ate pizza, talked, played and when it was time to go Lily said, “I’ll stay here. You go without me.” She LOVED playing with Christa’s girls and really thought moving with them would be the best choice for all of us. For a brief moment, I thought she had a good thing going... but well, I wouldn’t do that to a friend.

Bottom line: I’m going to miss Christa’s sweet face, the sound of her little girls playing with mine, the laughter that always seems to follow us around, and the easy friendship we are lucky enough to share. I’m so excited for her new life, starting over, home ownership, fireflies, wonder, a beautiful new life. Rock on, sister friend; we love you!

SO gonna miss her

Click on the photo above for photos from our visit.