I am so smart, S-M-R-T

Remember this post? The one where I tried to bribe you all into spending money? I only had TWO responses. TWO! You people cannot be manipulated! So since I had such low turnout, Jodi gets free shipping and the other person (who asked to remain anonymous) was the one to get the one free item. OH, and one other person did an order directly through the website, which I cannot manipulate for freebies. Thank you SO MUCH for ordering, I’m just really bummed I couldn’t give you free anything. WAAAA! Oh, and it turns out I’m a dork and submitted it too late so it counts towards November sales, not October. So I missed it by thismuch.

See how very smart I am? At least I’m pretty.


Anyway, it’s dry dry dry here thanks to the Santa Ana winds that often pop up this time of year. This means I have a headache, sore throat and feel like crap. Oh and certain small people in my life don’t want to sleep, so I’m tired. Thus, I’m bailing on a birthday party we were supposed to attend, even though it sounded like a total blast, and taking a nap. THEN, I’m going to a party all by myself. A bunch of us decided it would be so much easier to face election day if we didn’t have to study each and every prop on our own so we’re throwing a politics party where everyone invited has to research a proposition and report. Luckily we’re all screaming liberals, so it should be a night without hair pulling. We shall see. Not promising anything.

How are you getting ready for election day?