Proving I'm white trash

On Saturday we went to a friends house to help her demolish her kitchen. The idea was that her husband (a mathematician who should NOT be handed a power tool... or a hammer, for that matter) would watch the kids while Mark, Lorien and I smashed the shit out of everything. My idea of a good time, yo. My tiny daughter decided that was not a good idea and while Lily was totally willing to be taken away to the park by Larry to play with their daughter Nina, Anya was having none of it. So I didn’t get to smash things. Boo!

It was a fairly small kitchen, so the work went quickly and afterwards they treated us to lunch. Then the really fun part came: we went to the dump. Have you been to the dump? It’s awesome. First you drive through the admissions gate, like you’re buying tickets to Disneyland, only much less expensive. Then you cruise through barren and dusty roads, watching flocks of large black birds circle above, their voices calling out questions and the whole lot of them swooping unexpectedly at treasures below. Off to one side we drove by plant disposal land, marveling at towering piles of mulch and compost. There were rows and rows of dumpsters for recycling, miles of fencing with paper bits and plastic bags trapped against them in the wind. The signs eventually lead us to the dumping ground for the day, a ring of pick-up trucks and flatbeds with a monster bulldozer growling its way through the pile. Mark threw the truck into reverse and backed up to the pile like someone who’s done this a million times. I was just bummed the girls were asleep and were missing all this fabulous stuff. I snapped photos while Mark unloaded the debris and looked around with fascination. How is it that I had never known of this wonderland before? Why was I so fascinated with this place?* Why couldn’t I stop snapping pictures? And what’s more? Why am I about to share them with you all?

Someone please tell me that they find the dump as fascinating as I do. Or am I really just the biggest freak ever?

*Just so you understand, I don’t want to hang out there or anything. I just thought the place was really cool. I’m not going to turn into a garbage whore or anything. Although that does paint one heck of a picture.

Lorien and Larry's kitchen before:


Click here to see the cabinets after the first day of install (which we didn't help with).

I'm so ready to attack our own kitchen now!