Horses abundant!

Some friends of ours recently moved out to the mountains outside of town and while they have continued to make it to playgroup, none of us had yet to make it out to see the new place. Quora (the daughter) turning three changed all of that and they invited the whole lot of us to come party. Now, Evie (the mom) is pregnant and we have decided this is why she failed to post directions on the Evite. Mapquest provided directions that included the following (and I quote):

Turn Left

Turn Right

Turn Left

Sphincter says what?

Google cut down the random turns to only one “Turn Right” and so, with directions in hand we jumped into the van with our carpool buddies (Lorien again!) and headed East with faith that we could work it out!

We did not, however, bring along a phone number; which didn’t matter when you consider that our cell phones didn’t have reception. And we had no idea that the random turns were for, you know, hiking trails or fire roads. Because WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT TO US?

An hour and a half later and two stops at local shops with fairly uninformed folks manning them we stumbled on a road that looked promising. It turned into a dirt road and yet, we pressed on. Goats. We saw goats! Horses abundant! FINALLY, we discovered a house having a party and decided that even if it was the wrong one, we were staying. And we were eating. And we would not go home until we were damn good and ready. Luckily it was the right house. And from that point on we had a really great time watching the amazing sunset over the mountains, reading books aloud to eager children, and enjoying the costume part of the party.

And to be honest, when you have good friends in the car with you, even getting lost can be fun. And we got this shot of our beautiful belle, so it couldn't be all bad!

My Southern Belle

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