Public service announcement

A couple weeks ago when Mark’s mom was visiting we put the whole lot of us in the minivan and headed up to a little mountain town for the day. We’ve been driving around in our smaller car, what with gas prices being totally suck so we set up the van the way we wanted it. We usually put the two middle captains chairs right next to each other so I can reach Ani when I’m driving if need be. It’s kinda cool, really; you can have the middle row set apart from each other creating a center aisle (you know, for when the kids arms get long enough to hit each other) or close together. To switch them, you pull out the floor caps, press a paddle flipper do-da (yes, that’s its official name) tilt the seat forward, slide it into position and then tilt it back to lock into place. Turns out that last step is really important. We hadn’t yet made it out of town when Mark had to bring the car to a rather sudden stop, sending the not-at-all-locked seat holding my tiny person swinging forward and crashing into the passenger seat in front of her. She had been asleep, but when she was suddenly propelled through space, she woke up. Loudly. I was in the way back and before Mark could stop the car, I had whipped off my seatbelt, yanked the seat back into place, started to unbuckle her and was getting her ready to nurse. The whole time this was happening I just kept saying, “Oh my God” convinced that when I finally got her to me, her tiny face would be smashed in and I would win the worst parent EVER award since it was all my fault. I should have checked that it was properly latched into place. I should have made sure. I was the one who had set up the seat, therefore I was the one who had almost caused the untimely death and/or maiming of my youngest child. AND THEN? Then I took her out of the car seat while the car was still moving!

You may be wondering why this happened weeks ago and I am just now bringing it up. Most of you will already know why. Yep, GUILT. Lots of it. Piles and piles of it. I’ve been shoving most of it under the bed but did you know that when you do that it turns into monsters and eats your face off in the middle of the night?

Therefore, today is call out your guilt day. I’ve showed you mine, now lemme see what will eat your face off if you don’t share. Come on, give. I promise not to judge you.