sometimes we get it right

This morning I awoke to a groggy existence, eyes feeling fuzzy, stomach lurching at the thought of day, head a little spinny and not so clear. I had my third Tuppertini party last night and I think I mixed my drink a wee bit to strong, finding myself tilting around corners as I played Bitsy and showed off plastic crap. While I don’t think I was hung over this morning, I do think my body is not one for the party life... I’m a wimp that way, yo.

So you can imagine my delight when Lily dragged her bedding out onto the deck and informed me it was nap time.

“Lay down, Mommy. It’s time to go to bed!”


I lay down on the hard wood deck, placing my head on the pillow provided and allowing her to cover me with a large bath sheet. The sky was so bright, the clouds glaring down at me harshly, forcing my eyes shut.

“You get a book!” She sat down beside me and opened a large book, turning the pages slowly while she “read” to me from the pictures. Anya climbed over me, lay down with me, popped back up to roam around, jumped up and down on my legs, babbled and generally acted like a toddler. Once the story was done, Lily leaned down and whispered the following while stroking my hair, “Shhh. No more books for you, bed time. I’ll stay with you for a little bit, don’t be scared. No monsters, just sleep. I’ll be here if you need me. I love you very much.” And she kissed me tenderly on the check. It was all I could do to not simultaneously burst into tears and laugh out loud, so touched by her story of what bedtime means to her.

Then she ran across the deck and jumped into her cart, playing loudly with her sister while I “slept.” She checked on me often, bending down to touch my hair or give me a kiss, fetching me a drink of water, whispering not to be afraid. Within minutes I had to get up to tend to Anya’s needs (she is cutting a mess of teeth today), but I “awoke” knowing that we scored one for gentle parenting. And damn, that makes me feel good.