6:32am Wake (after a night of very little sleep due to one cranky toddler) to get a drink of water and step into a puddle in front of my sink. Open cabinet under sink to find more of same.

7:10am Go back to sleep after getting husbands help to clean up mess and foisting children upon him.

9:48am Getting kids ready for weekly brunch with family only to receive a call from brother-in-law stating there is an early football game on, won’t be coming. Dad has other plans as well. Thank the heavens that neither I nor Mark have any commitment to sports.

10:47am Sitting in a coffee shop with my little family eating yummy treats while occasionally glancing over at single guy taking up the only large table in the joint. Grumble a bit at Mark and I each sharing our seat with a kid while huddled around a tiny table. Wonder why people are lame.

11:58am Pull up in front of the Wild Animal Park, somewhere we haven’t visited since before we had kids and go to Member Services to confess that I have lost my child’s membership card. Lady at the window is awesome and sweet. Restores my faith in people.

12:33pm Train. Bird Show. Wander until Elephant Show.

3:00pm Elephant Show!

3:11 pm Lily ask in a voice loud enough for our entire section to hear, “Mommy? Why is does it have such a big butt?”

4:39pm On the road home.

5:01pm Start making dinner for friends who have a newborn. Tofu tastes funny. Not all tofu, just this stuff. Damn, out of ginger. Ack! Don’t put those in, she doesn’t like onion!

6:01pm Pull up in front of friends house with a bundle of hot food and my big kid with me. She pauses at the door of the car to ask, “Do they have coyotes here?” I assure her she’s safe. She chooses not to believe me and comes out of the car begrudgingly.

6:52pm Home. Eat. Play with kids. Watch Mythbusters.

7:35pm Take Anya to bed when I catch her lying down next to the coffee table.

8:29pm Finally get her to sleep after many failed attempts to leave the room. Hoping for a full nights sleep. Keep your fingers crossed!

PS NaBloPoMo, see what you’ve reduced me to?