Party animal

I had a whole post written about our renewed struggle with night weaning (time change and Mexico screwed her up) but I realized I just didn’t want to talk about it. So instead, I’m telling you all that I am a crazy person.

On Saturday, I’m hosting 15 adults and four children for an early Thanksgiving dinner. And it’s a sit down affair. OH! And I’m making a turkey. For the first time EVER. I’ve been obsessing on Alton Brown. I think I love him. He gets into the science of things and I don’t know if you were aware, but science is hot. Like way-huge-major hot. I kinda have a thing for geeks and nerds. Anyway, I’m making his turkey, Emeril Lagasse's Cornbread and Andouille Dressing (only vegetarian style) and Turkey Pan Gravy from Food Network Kitchens. I also have a pumpkin pie in the freezer. Everyone else is bringing the other stuff.

As for seating everyone, we’re going to have to move all our furniture out of the living room and set up folding tables there. We actually had to go buy more plates (Mark found some beautiful ones for super cheap, YAY!) and I need to pick up another set of silverware or wash every single bit I have right before we eat.

And you want to hear the really cheesy part? I’m making place cards for everyone that includes a note on why I’m thankful for them. Awwwww. How sappy am I?

I’m actually really excited about this. If not a wee bit freaked out.

So what insane things are you doing in the name of thanks?