Maybe next year

Many of you know that Mark and I are theatre geeks. We’ve worked or performed in theatre for most of our lives, making a good living at it and becoming highly respected in our community for the work we do. In fact, Mark and I first met in the lobby of a theatre and fell in love at numerous opening night parties. So yeah, theatre = good things.

Today we took Lily to her first live theatre show, a performance of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Ever since the theatre I worked for started performing the play nine years ago I have been waiting to have a small person of my very own to bring. And Lily, at three-and-a-half, was finally old enough to attend. So we left Anya with a trusted friend and off we went, trying to give Lily the Cliff Notes version of the story and a wee bit of theatre etiquette as we went. We arrived early (which was a good thing since they couldn’t find our tickets... see what happens when I don’t return from Maternity leave? The place falls apart!) and sat down, Lily first in my lap and then in Mark's. She was nervous. The darkness and crescendo of the opening number didn’t help. Mark picked her up and took her to the “safe room” where no Ginches were allowed and by the time the freakish Who’s were dancing and singing, Lily was ready to come back. She spent the rest of the performance with her eyes following the action and her hands almost clapping, but not a single smile to be had. We couldn’t figure out if she was digging it or trying not to piss herself in fear.

After the play was over I took her to the bathroom and asked her if she liked it. She shook her head no. “Maybe the show is for big people?”

“Maybe you’d like to go next year, Lily?”

“No. Bigger.”

“Ah. Sorry it wasn’t as much fun as I hoped. Ice Cream?”

“Yes, please.”

“OK, lets go get Daddy.”

And so we did. Get ice cream, that is. And that was wonderful as the woman scooping feel in love with Lily and piled her cone high, talking to her about the play she had just seen and getting her to smile widely. Our girl was asleep before we got home and so we put her into bed at 4:30pm, where she is at this moment, five hours later. Hopefully she’s down for the night!

waiting to see the play

ETA: She slept until 6:11am. I guess theatre induces marathon sleep.