And I thought I hated packing

We decided to stop at my brothers for the night as its a little more than half way between our home and my in-laws. This means we only drove for about eight hours yesterday. Yep. Eight hours. We have another four to EIGHTY SEVEN today. See, the kids? The don’t so much like all this being strapped into chairs and forced to watch movies for hours. Lily’s OK with it as she rarely gets to watch TV or movies, but Anya’s having none of it. Of course as soon as Anya would fall asleep, Lily would claim to need the potty and Ani would wake in the ensuing brew-ha-ha of getting Lily to a toilet. Good times!

My brother provided us with a beautiful bed to sleep in, which Anya attempted to throw herself out of all night and Lily tried to sleep dead in the middle of. Mark ended up sleeping in the car with the dog and I slept first on the floor, then at the foot of the bed (arf!) and then smashed between my kids as one insisted on fondling me and the other woke every twenty minutes to complain and suck on my finger some more. More good times!

Surprisingly, Mark is very well rested and I am envious of his night spent in a cold car.

In theory, we should be able to make it to Mark’s moms house in less than four hours, but my faith, it is so shaken. Luckily once we get there, we get to stay put for a couple of days. We haven’t even begun to think about the drive home. I think I’m going to start lobbying for plane tickets and make Mark and the dog do the drive alone. Of course, that would put me alone on a plane with two kids. Just can’t win.

Ah well, at least I get to spend some unexpected time with my brother and his family!

UPDATE: We're here and the last bit of the trip wasn't too bad. I'm on dial up, so forgive me if no pictures show up in the next couple of days! But we're here and there are sheep and horses and BIG dogs and cats and a working farm next door and grandparents and an Aunt and an Uncle and a GREAT-Grandpa and well, vacation. Hope you are with those you love as well.