Free Wi-Fi kicks ass


I'm sitting in an internet cafe while Mark computes from the car where the girls are napping. I felt all young and hip when I text messaged him the wireless code so he could jump on, knowing that despite the fact the connection was free, I was sending it outside the building. The people in this little town are so nice, I'm sure if I explained my husband was stuck in the car with our two cherubic children, they would have run right out there with a hot beverage and the code. This way I feel like I'm getting away with something and sometimes, that's just what a straight-laced urban mama needs, yo.

What this means, dear sweet people living inside my computer, is that I got a few photos up and I'm working on my first piece for The Soccer Mom Vote which is DUE! on MONDAY! The kids haven't been off my lap the whole week, so I'm rather enjoying the bustle of the cafe verses the bustle of the CRAZY CHILDREN I know and love. DUDE! I just got hit on by a teenager! OK, so he was just asking a few questions about the wireless connection, but I choose to believe he wanted me. And wanted me bad. Why? See the end of the last paragraph. Specifically the "straight-laced urban mama" reference.

ANYWAY, this is the point where I confess that I am avoiding my homework and bid you all a sweet adieu. Click on the photo of Anya to bring you to the Thanksgiving Road Trip set over at Flickr.