spreading the love

Used to be that I never won anything. These days, I'm on FIRE baby. I just got an email that I won this pattern and matterials from Vintage Purl. Despite the fact that I am having a blast visiting with the in-laws, I cannot wait to get home so I can sit by my mail box and jump up and down until the soft, delicious yarn arrives (all the way from New Zealand, no less). So far, I've only made hats and scarfs and other easy items, so I'm a wee bit terrified of actually making a sweater... especially when you consider that I'm getting the 12-24 month size and if I can't figure it out quick, Anya will never get to wear it. Thanks goes to Baby Gadget for the win. If you don't already know about the wonder and glory that is Baby Gadget, click over now. I love the funky finds even though I cannot afford most of them. And besides, I won a FREE KNIT KIT! Can't beat that.

I also have to give a quick shout out to Cara who is the mastermind behind Urban Baby Runway. She has a kick-ass little product blog that features the hippest baby gear on the planet and she frequently runs contests. I've won a couple of them (remember the BabyLegs win?) and I'd like to think it's because I'm so magnanimous and pretty. She tells me that it's because not enough people are participating. I probably shouldn't tell you all that or I'm likely to stop winning, but I love you people so I'm willing to risk it.

Besides, that's what it's all about [clap, clap].