queen of the run-on

Last night? It sucked. Like in that total suckage kinda way where you just sigh in the middle of the night and accept that you will never sleep again and the world is an unkind place full of evil that makes your baby and husband cough all night why you try to get a wee bit of sleep but know it'll never happen and then you remember that there is medicine to be had so you get out of bed and get dressed because it's really cold out side and you take the back stairs slowly and hope you don't slip on the ice because nobody would find you until morning and by then you will have been frozen and licked to death by the HUGE dog that lives across the street and that isn't nearly as pleasant as you freaks may think, so you are careful and you creep quietly into the house and dig out the Vicks and the baby decongestant and you make your way back to the little apartment above the garage and you thrust the Vicks at your husband and demand he use it and at the end of yet another coughing/crying fit, you stick a dropperful of grape flavored goo in your baby's mouth and then you lay there and listen as everyone calms down and slowly winds their way back to sleep and then just as you're falling back into dreamland the baby wakes up and demands to nurse, but if you've even nursed a baby who is coughing you know you get bit, so still get no sleep until about an hour later when everything winds down and it's all over, just in time to wake up and eat breakfast.

We drive home tonight. Wish us luck.