Cake faced kids

There are few things I like more in the world of photography than taking pictures of cake faced kids. Somewhere along the way, we loose sight of how to really eat cake. We start taking dainty bites, wiping our mouths, brushing off the crumbs, taking such delicate care not to make a mess. But all you have to do is hand a kid a piece of cake and you’ll see how it really should be done. I guess we don’t totally forget. I mean, look at wedding celebrations, for instance. Cake smashing seems to be totally acceptable for the bride and groom. Honestly, I think the whole reception should be rife with cake smashers, adults running amuck with great chunks of cake in hand, smearing each other with reckless abandon. Couldn’t you just see it? I mean, isn’t that a party you’d always choose to attend?

The birthday party we attended on Saturday gave me a couple of brilliant photo ops. I was giddy with joy, snapping pictures of beautiful cake smeared faces. A couple of them are just priceless (if I do say so myself). Click on my favorite shot below to bring you to the birthday set.

Classic Athena