The Soccer Mom Vote

I’ve long been a fan of Nicole at Sitting Still. Her writing is poetic, her humor wicked and her sense of social politics keeps me hungry for her next post. Naturally, when she asked me to join her on a new collaborative blog, I couldn’t say no. Today with the dawning of another Election Day, The Soccer Mom Vote makes its debut. This site, dedicated to our deep interest in politics, gives a space for the lively debate between moms we all seem so keen on sharing. Think you have little interest in politics? You may not realize you’ve been obsessing about political issues, but this is much deeper than the latest yahoo in the White House. Politics play into where we birth, the quality of the food we eat, how our children learn, what we drive, everything. And as a demographic, we pack a whole lot of punch. Nicole writes:

If you want to win the election, you've got to capture the soccer mom vote. Many political strategists keep their eye on this demographic, described as a moderate block that can swing for either party depending on the issue in focus any given election cycle. They've tried to describe us. They've tried to persuade us. They've even tried to charm us. The one thing they haven't done is ask us what we think.

Come check us out and tell us what you think. Better yet, lend your voice to the fray and become a Soccer Mom contributor. Just email Nicole to find out how.