Wish List

I hate making wish lists. It feels so... needy to me. Like I'm just begging people to BUY ME STUFF. The reality is that the only reason I'm making a wish list at all is because I am tired of getting crappy kitsch items that I then have to display or throw away due to the massive migraine they give me when I look at them. Honestly, I sometimes hate getting gifts as it often seems an exercise in how poorly people really know me. I'd rather have nothing than a ceramic frog dish for my jewelery... because I don't wear jewelery, people! So WHY would you flaunt the fact that you know nothing about me!? (Clearly I still have issues to deal with here).

SO. I'm making a wish list. I have an Amazon one, but what I'm wondering is if there is a wish list builder for ANYTHING on the web. Like, can I make a wish that has books, gift certificates for Jamba Juice, the famous Fussy t-shirt, etc? Anyone have a lead on something like that?

ETA: I'd just like to say that the gifts I have been surprised with over the years from my fellow bloggers have been absolutely spot on. I just wish my IRL friends and family could know me as well. And I know it's the thought that counts and I should be grateful for any gift given, but it depresses me when someone I've known for 20 years shows how deeply they don't get me.

ETA (yes, again): OMG, Wists, recommended to me by love squalor, is amazing and exactly what I was looking for. I've already started adding items and added a widget to my sidebar. Seriously, check it out (the site, not my wish list, unless you want to, but this is about the site not my stuff), it's fabulous!