freaking insects

Yesterday I returned home from grocery shopping to find Mark and Lily on the couch, Lily screaming and holding her foot up in the air. Mark informed me she had just stepped on a bee.

“It’s still on her!” I shrieked in utter terrorI calmly informed him.

“No, I got the stinger out.”

“Well you missed the actual BEE!”

It was riding her skirt while she was staring at it and screaming. He took care of it while I ran out to the car for my first aid kit. I dosed her with some Rescue Remedy and then rubbed it with some After Bite. She calmed down shortly afterwards, especially when we turned on some Little Einsteins (love having a DVR) to distract her. She fussed on and off for the next hour but after a nap, seemed to have completely forgotten about it.

Fast forward to today at the park. She’s sitting there on the bouncy motorcycle thingie (do those have names? it's like this one) and suddenly starts crying. I rush over and she tells me she fell down. She’s still sitting up, so clearly she hasn’t fallen down. I pick her up, take her over to the bench and look at where she’s pointing, not really seeing anything. But now she’s scratching at it and it’s turning bright red and feels hot to the touch. I try distraction, which works for a moment, but she’s relapsing into greater distress. That’s when Lorien came over and noticed a little welt. We dose her with Rescue Remedy and Lorien starts rubbing arnica gel into the welt. She’s still clawing at her skin and I start pulling her shirt off, only to find a small winged creature about the size of an ant. And? We find a whole string of welts, covering her shoulder. She requested we go home and have a nap.

She’s sleeping now. Hoping when she awakes it’ll all be in the past. And no repeats; really hoping for no repeats!