mini review

I have a total crush on The Silent K so when Krista posted this simple, yet totally fascinating meme, I just had to play along. The idea is that you post the first sentence from the first post of each month. Click on the month link to read the full entry.

January: New Years Eve saw us at Oreet and John's this year, enjoying homemade pizza and a mean chocolate fondue with a handful of friends.

February: Lily taught Anya how to clap.

March: I apologize for not giving a post trip wrap up and pictures loaded to Flickr but I’ve been trapped on the couch most of the day by a very sick little girl.

April: They're saying nice things about me over at Mommy Bloggers.

May: About once a year Sea World holds a homeschool day at the park and masses of kids show up to get in at a very reasonable price.

June: At this very moment, Anya is repeatedly and insistently trying to give the baby in the mirror a binky.

July: Two weddings.

August: When my first daughter was about two years old, she got a hold of my camera and took some of my favorite pictures, full of funky angles and unexpected focal points.

September: Continuing my trend of poking fun at other cultures, I give you the 1971 German version of where babies come from, written for preschoolers.

October: I got to meet up with a blogger today and will tell you about that tomorrow when I have more energy.

November: Mark and I got a rare chance to spend the afternoon together sans kids.

December: I hate making wish lists.

Drop me a note in comments if you decide to play along.