Our Thursday playgroup has a craft day about once a month. Today as I was getting the girls and myself ready to go I overhead Lily say to her sister, “You want to go make craps, Anya? It’s craps day!”


The craft happened to be little holiday photo frames. Lily selected the one that looked like a mouse holding an ornament. I showed her where all the pieces went and then left her to her own devices to embellish. “MOM!” she yelled, “Come see!” So I went in to see the final product. “See this? That’s his butt!” Before you knew it, all the kids were putting little fuzzy “butts” on their craps crafts. Lily even made a snowman butt for Anya. Luckily for me, my fellow moms have a fantastic sense of humor.

Click on the photo to see the “butt” in all it’s glory.

Holiday crafts with Playgroup