Sleep, ice cream, can't shut up

Last night Mark got home from work looking like a semi (or a lorry for my British reader) had run him down and then back over him a few times. You see, Anya has not been sleeping well and the night before I threw my hands up in frustration and refused to come near her, running off to sleep in the guest room and leaving Mark to deal. Her usual pattern as of late has been to wake sometime around midnight and fuss for a while. Then again at about 3:30ish, again at 4:30, repeat at 5:30 and fuss straight through to morning when I finally break down and nurse her. I know what you’re thinking: just nurse her at 3:30 and she’ll sleep through! You all think you’re so smart. BUT YOU ARE WRONG! That only seemed to give her renewed strength and vigor.

So I ran away.

Mark got into bed close to midnight and Anya woke shortly thereafter. She yelled at him on and off for about an hour. Then? Then she slept until 7am. Sadly, he had to be up early and so only got about four hours of sleep. Then he went and held large pieces of plywood and siding (T1-11 for those of you “in the know”) over his head for several hours while attaching it to a ceiling for a client who wanted his garage to look beautiful. Alas, when he arrived home? Well, see above.

I happened to be sporting a headache and so we piled the kids into two separate cars and whisked them off to Rubios for dinner. Afterwards, Mark took Anya home to put her to bed and Lily and I had the evening to do some grocery shopping together. We even stopped for ice cream. Ah, ice cream. It’s one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. And since both girls were diary sensitive at birth, I have done a lot of denying myself of the stuff. Lily has outgrown her sensitivity so we shared a cup of delicious Cold Stone ice cream (cheesecake ice cream with strawberries and graham cracker pie crust mixed in). Lily had the biggest grin on her face when the guy handed her the pile of yummy goodness and while eating looked up at me to say, “Mommy? I love you.”

Thanks, kid. Although I know it’s the ice cream talking.

Anyway, Anya is back to sleeping through the night and I’m hoping to get to come back to my own bed in the next night or two. We shall see. We have family coming to stay with us Saturday, so I’m hoping by then Anya is ready for me to be there and not flailing her arms about my head and neck all night. If not? I’m so sleeping on the top bunk in Lily’s room because the guest bed will actually have, you know, guests in it.

And my ears are crazy itchy. Just thought I’d throw that in. Apparently lots of sleep makes me talk too much.