One of my photos is a top ten finalist in Blogging Baby’s FAO Schwarz contest. This means I have already won $50 in FAO fabulousness and have the opportunity to win $250. But I need your help. Click on the photo below and comment (say something nice, yo) and maybe the judges will be swayed by my wild popularity. If you don’t already have a Flickr account, consider signing up; the basic account is free! We’re having a rather lean holiday this year and it would be awesome to be able to treat the girls to a shopping spree. Quite frankly, $50 will go a long way towards that, so I’m totally thrilled even if we don’t win. Thanks in advance, and I’ll let you all know if we win the big prize.

Sleeping with a monster

Other finalist can be found here. They are all wicked cute!

ETA: you can also vote in the comments section at Blogging Baby by clicking here. The sad part is I only just figured that out. After someone pointed it out to me. I am so smart!